Cherrelle Fincher

Birth Doula

My name is Cherrelle Fincher, I’m a wife and a mother. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been a birth doula for 5 years. I have always had a passion for birth and supporting women. I’ve attended many family births throughout my life. I studied Spanish and Psychology at the University of New Mexico with the intentions of attending Nursing School and becoming a midwife.

During this time, I became certified as a nurse assistant and worked at Presbyterian Hospital for two years. While working in the hospital my heart and passion for helping and supporting women during pregnancy grew tremendously. I decided to attend a doula training and begin working as a birth doula.

During the first year of my doula work, I had a baby of my own. I realized how important it was to eat well and stay active, so I decided to further my career in supporting women and become certified as a pre/postnatal fitness specialist. I believe that staying active prenatally is very beneficial to you and your baby and could definitely play a part in labor and delivery, as well as post-delivery in helping with healing, getting back into shape quicker and reducing the risk of developing diastasis recti.

It has been such a blessing to be able to follow my heart and passion for birth work. I absolutely love helping women take care of themselves so they can better care for their littles. I love bonding with families and creating wonderful friendships. I am very thankful for the opportunity to support women and their families during such a special time.



Image by Christian Bowen

We travelled from Oklahoma to Albuquerque to have our daughter at a birth center. We decided on a doula at the very last minute (40 weeks last minute!). Cherrelle was the doula on call the night I went into labor. When she arrived, she came straight in and started comforting me and trying to help make things more comfortable. She was definitely an empowering and comforting presence. I’d make eye contact with her and she knew exactly what I needed and needed to hear.  After our daughter was born she helped with her first latch, which was pretty quick. At the first postpartum visit she got the postpartum bath ready for me and stayed with my husband while I got a nice little pamper time in. The second postpartum visit was met with a few tears because we were sad to leave back to Oklahoma and not have Cherrelle around. We made a deep connection with her. Being able to share the most beautiful moment of our life with Cherrelle was such a blessing. She told us she’d be our doula for life. She’s actually become part of our family. Our daughter is a year old and knows her as Aunt Cherrelle and we’ll love her forever! 

Anne James