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Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is not a fad. Mammals have been consuming their placentas for all of time. The anecdotal evidence is overwhelmingly positive. Most moms report things such as increased energy, faster recovery, boost in milk production, increased mood, decreased bleeding, decrease in Postpartum Mood Disorders. There is much research finally happening regrading placenta consumption and the results are very promising.


Our placenta specialist has been highly trained by the leading Placenta Arts training program in the United States, APPA and is Bloodborne Pathogen and OSHA trained. The strict protocols required by these trainings ensure that client and provider safety will be of the utmost importance.


We pick up your placenta from wherever you give birth within 1-2 hours of delivery. The process takes 48-72 hours and we will deliver your placenta products along with a usage guide. All services will have taxes applied. 


  • Placenta Encapsulation: Vegetarian capsules are used and the quantity varies based on the size of your placenta and the method used. You may choose Raw-Start Method or Traditional Chinese Method (lightly steamed). $225.00

  • Tincture: A grain alcohol based placenta tincture that lasts indefinitely and can be used when capsules are gone or saved for future periods and even into menopause. Add on $25.00

  • Salve-A salve made with dehydrated placenta and other healing ingredients. Can be used on cesarean or perineal healing. Add on $25.00

  • Placenta Print: A custom print of your placenta that details the “Tree of Life”. Add on $10.00

  • Cord Keepsake: Your umbilical cord dried into a unique shape. (Included with encapsulation.)

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